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About us

Our Story :

Our CEO Dr.Salem Basaffar Founded the young and dynamic organization in the year of 2008.The organization has a highly dedicated working team with many years of experience in this field and it places a great value to work in close co-operation with the global, and local medical community. Through continued development and in co-operation with current and future principals.

Dr. Salem Basaffar Eye and Optical Centers will achieve a level of performance, which in turn, put forward the story of success in the future.

Our Vision :

To lead in providing the most advanced & efficient medical services and products in the ophthalmology & opticals field.

Our Mission :

Creating a platform of innovation which endorse purpose, excellence, and team work.

Our Values :

Excellence & Integrity

Continuous Development 

Social Responsibility & Developing the Society 

Costumer & Supplier Intimacy & Employer of Choice 

Working Hard and Yet Keeping it Fun


Our Doctors

Our Services

Retina & General Eye Surgeries
Strabismus muscle Surgeries



Cornea Surgeries
Glaucoma Management and surgeries
Comprehensi-ve Eye Exam 

Optical Center & Accessories


Refractive Surgery 

Ultrafast Tracing camera 

Swiveling bed for ease of Femto-Laser Treatment

Best technology with topography guided treatment

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Address and information: 
Saudi Arabia,

Landline : 00966-920007047

Fax : Ext.300

Duty hours :

Saturday to Wednesday 

From 9 AM to 9 PM


From 9 AM to 5 PM

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